The prompt was surprise. Inspired by the terrifying results of the 2016 election, but I don’t think surprise is quite the right word. Shock is definitely apt. Fear as well. I wrote this piece as my reflection on what the election revealed about America and what the violence in the proceeding week set out to prove.

As a disabled LGBT mother to a child that is a WOC, I am scared. What happened on November 8th proved to me that my life doesn’t matter to nearly half of America. And nothing will ever make it right as long as that administration is in office.

America is no longer safe.


There are no words for the political horror America has unleashed. People of color are dying. Lesbian, gay, and transgendered people are being assaulted. There is no end in sight for the trauma we have done to ourselves.

America is broken. A flawed, unjust system gave rise to the greatest threat to peace and prosperity, and some celebrate it. The death of the American Dream is imminent.

Many may not survive this. But those that do must maintain their memory, fight for their legacy. The survivors must not simply rebuild what America was, but what it always promised to be.


©2016 Heather Stephens


Today’s prompt was the word “Share.” I think the world needs a little more sharing. Give freely, love freely, be free.


“He will give you the shirt off his back if you need it,” they say. “He’s just that type of guy.”

“Taxation is theft,” he says, “no one is entitled to the fruit of my labor.”

When the six o’clock news drips blood down the front of your television, who will mourn? When funding cuts leave your child behind, who will teach him?

“He is a good man,” they say. It may be true. He may just stand on principle.

Avarice itself doesn’t kill, but poverty abandons the most vulnerable every year. Through brutality or hunger, people die.

Save them.


© 2016 H.R. Stephens