I’m going away on vacation. The first vacation in years. The first vacation as a married mom of two. The first vacation since I started writing as routine, writing as therapy, and writing as identity.

I will not be bringing my laptop.

I plan on bringing a notebook and a pen to jot down any ideas, depending on my ability to grasp a pen.

This is my first vacation since I’ve been wheelchair-bound when needing to walk more than five minutes.

I’m excited to go, although I’m nervous.

What if I fall in love with the desert? I’ve always loved the sea and I’ve always loved the mountains. This nowhereland that is Irvine is mediocre at best because it lacks the intense beauty of a place with¬†vibrant ecosystems.¬†If the desert calls to me as well, how will I ever be satisfied with a home in the suburbs?



The themes I’ve focused on for the 100 Word Challenge have proven incredibly cathartic for me. As a survivor of significant traumas and one who lives with multiple disabilities, I find that reaching within to confront the darkness that resides deep inside my soul can be good for me – as long as I don’t do it too often. My trauma had a happy ending: I met my husband, we fell in love, and I found myself in a position to not only pursue my goals at a pace my disabilities can accommodate but exceed them.

These 100 Word Challenges give me a weekly goal; a deadline that I must adhere to in order to participate but one that will bear no consequences should I fail. Participating each week is the perfect conduit for my creativity.

That said, I was absolutely unable to accommodate the run-on sentence clause for this week’s challenge. My stories mean something to mean. They have a purpose. Each one is a form of bite-sized social commentary. Still, I did what I could.