This week’s prompt was the word “Sleep.” I pondered my options – should I do another one based on current events or should I return to my strengths and explore a more romantic idea? You can see what won.


She loved to watch her partner.
Sweet in repose.
Quiet and unaware.

Waking at dawn was of little consequence when she could doze until noon, wrapped in their arms.
Legs tangled together.
Pillows discarded on the floor.

Nothing could be more intimate than syncing her breath to theirs, listening for two heartbeats to drum together. Each breath deeper than the last until she too succumbed to the dizzy lull. With love deeper than any lust she’d ever known, she found sensible fulfillment. Slowly approaching bliss gave her a sober hope that things could stay as they were – content and untroubled.


© 2016 H.R. Stephens

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