Posterity in Her Works

Note: While I am a mother, I have many friends who are childfree by choice. This is sometimes viewed as a controversial decision. While I understand why some might find it odd, I do wonder why being childfree by choice is still considered taboo. But it is absolutely vital that women who are childfree by choice are respected. Bodily autonomy is essential in an equal society, and that means women cannot be forced or even guilted into childbearing. 


Her niece had the biggest, roundest eyes she’d ever seen on a six-year-old girl. She spent the afternoon diving deep into them as she listened to the philosophy of early childhood. An evening over mac and cheese taught her the virtues of always being nice to the lunch lady because she’s the one who controls the chocolate milk.

Afterwards, her friends would ask her if her biological clock was ticking.

“Didn’t it make you want to try?” they’d ask, nudging her husband knowingly.

It didn’t. Parenthood would never be part of her plans.

She’d never bear children. And that’s okay.

© 2016 H.R. Stephens

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