Walk Among the Heather

The prompt for this week was to use my own name. My name would not count against the word count, making it a total of 101 words instead of the usual 100 words. Since it was to use my own name, I felt my sense of creativity demanded I make this entry autobiographical.

I loathe California. At least, Southern California. I want to live in a place where you can tell which season you’re in just by stepping outside. I place with fall foliage and chilly evenings.

My family lives in California. My husband does not want to leave his parents and siblings, and I understand why. But for me, California is like a pris0n. I feel like I am constantly drowning under the waves of meaninglessness that surrounds me. Nothing matters here; everything is superficial, artificial.

Still, I find hope in the love I bear for my family. If happiness is a choice, I will always fight to make it.



One thought on “Walk Among the Heather

  1. I grew up in Tennessee where there were four distinct season and, yes, you could tell which one simply walking outside. Living in Florida is nice, I’ve become acclimated to the warm weather, but I do miss a beautiful, crisp fall morning when the leaves are all changing to gold and amber.

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