The themes I’ve focused on for the 100 Word Challenge have proven incredibly cathartic for me. As a survivor of significant traumas and one who lives with multiple disabilities, I find that reaching within to confront the darkness that resides deep inside my soul can be good for me – as long as I don’t do it too often. My trauma had a happy ending: I met my husband, we fell in love, and I found myself in a position to not only pursue my goals at a pace my disabilities can accommodate but exceed them.

These 100 Word Challenges give me a weekly goal; a deadline that I must adhere to in order to participate but one that will bear no consequences should I fail. Participating each week is the perfect conduit for my creativity.

That said, I was absolutely unable to accommodate the run-on sentence clause for this week’s challenge. My stories mean something to mean. They have a purpose. Each one is a form of bite-sized social commentary. Still, I did what I could.



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